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BORFLEX® solutions

BORFLEX® has its own laboratory and research and development teams, both for mixing and for designing solutions, to provide a personalized response to our customers' needs.



Our group has a very strong R&D strategy, making it a leader in innovation. Our laboratory develops new solutions and innovative prototypes. 

The BORFLEX® Group produces and simulates the production of materials in order to provide very precise testing to obtain results which are as close as possible to real applications. 

The evolution, improvement and monitoring of materials used in prototyping allow the group to simulate mass production conditions as closely as possible.

Our studies allow us to follow the evolution of the markets and to stay ahead of our competitors. 

Study & design


Specialising in the production of customised elastomer and composite solutions

BORFLEX® designs and manufactures customised, high-performance, certified parts for various business sectors.

We study all your needs, our teams carry out material and feasibility studies for you. A global expertise is brought to your project and we realize a complete specification for the manufacturing. Our mastery of all elastomer and composite processes will guarantee you a global solution for small or medium series production


  • - Study and laboratory
  • - Selection and control
  • - Mixture formulation


  • - Design offices
  • - 3D Prototyping
  • - Testing and simulation
  • - Design and production of tools


  • - Global solution
  • - From single parts to small and medium-sized series 
  • - Assembly and control
  • - Specific packaging

Extrusion & Pultrusion

BORFLEX® makes extruded water, air and soundproof seals, from the design to the manufacturing of parts of all sizes. We also offer flame retardant or self-extinguishing, halogen-free elastomers, in accordance with the strictest standards for fire behavior and smoke toxicity.


In addition to the products offered in our catalog, our dedicated design departments create and develop innovative solutions. We can meet all the requirements of your project and offer you all the latest innovations on the market.


BORFLEX® is available for the design and manufacture of rubber and polyurethane molded parts by injection, compression or transfer in small, medium and large series of all elastomer parts in the following mixtures: Nitrile, neoprene*, EPT, fluorocarbon (viton)*, industrial and food silicone, natural, Hypalon*, Butyl*, SBR, PU and LSR.

Formulation & Mixing

For several years, BORFLEX® has developed, perfected and produced several thousand elastomer formulas to meet the requirements of its processing customers. BORFLEX® mixtures are present in many markets: automotive, trucks, buses, construction, armament, food processing, handling, watchmaking, printing, electricity, railways, agricultural equipment, etc.

Cutting and making

BORFLEX® assists craftsmen and small businesses in the design of single parts and small series. We can provide you with real custom cutting solutions for your projects. Over the years, BORFLEX® has built up a wealth of experience in cutting a wide variety of materials. From single parts to small and medium series: plugs, stoppers, special seals, tires, rings, special belts, suction cups, membranes, etc.


With extensive resources in the field of rubber and polyurethane cylinder relining, BORFLEX® excels in the production of technical cylinders and linings adapted to the specific needs and requirements of each industry.

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For many years, BORFLEX® has been developing and producing thousands of elastomer formulas to meet the requirements of its processing customers.

BORFLEX® mixtures can be found in many markets: automotive, trucks, buses, construction, armament, food processing, handling, watchmaking, printing, electricity, railway, agricultural equipment, etc.

BORFLEX®'s organization and its high-performance equipment enable it to deliver mixtures in quantities ranging from a few kilograms to large series. BORFLEX®'s extensive range of testing equipment and procedures guarantee a consistent mixture quality that meets the specifications of its customers. The BORFLEX® laboratory team is available to help its customers develop new mixtures.

The different presentation formats :

  • - Continuous belt for injection and extrusion,
  • - Calendered plates,
  • - Calendered rollers,
  • - Pellets.

Rubber mixes

BORFLEX® produces all types of rubber compounds according to the ISO 1629 standard.

  • - NR Natural rubber
  • - IR Synthetic polyisoprene
  • - SBR Styrene Butadiene Copolymer
  • - BR Polybutadiene
  • - EPM / EPDM Co- or terpolymer of ethylene and propylene
  • - IIR / BIIR / CIIR Isobutylene isoprene copolymer, chlorinated or brominated or butylated
  • - NBR Acrylonitrile or Nitrile Butadiene Copolymer
  • - CR Polychloroprene
  • - VMQ / FVMQ / PVMQ Silicone, phenylated or fluorinated
  • - FKM Fluorocarbon elastomer Viton® type
  • - CM / CPE Chlorinated polyethylene
  • - CSM Chlorosulphonated polyethylene
  • - ACM / AEM Polyacrylate
  • - EVA Ethylene vinyl acetate
  • - HNBR Butadiene copolymer
  • - XNBR Carboxylated acrylonitrile butadiene copolymer
  • - CO / ECO Polyepichlorohydrin
  • - AU / EU Polyurethane

Silicone blends

Silicone requires special processing, BORFLEX® has dedicated a specific environment to "silicone" mixtures that can be mixed.

BORFLEX® has developed BORSIL, a range of silicone elastomers for use in extreme temperature and chemical conditions (fluorinated silicones).

Different families of silicones can be distinguished:

  • - Standard temperature silicones with a continuous temperature range of -50°C to +200°C which can be increased to 250°C,
  • - High-tear silicones, these are stan- dard silicones with a high tear strength,
  • - high resilience silicones with low DRC (compression set),
  • - Low-temperature silicones with a continuous temperature resistance of -110°C to +200°C,
  • - THT (very high temperature) silicones with a continuous temperature resistance of -50°C to +300°C,
  • - electrically and thermally conductive silicones,
  • "smart" silicones of the photoluminescent type (three colors available) or thermochromic type (choice of temperature and the transition color, programmable three colors and three temperatures).

BORFLEX® silicones are found in in many markets. They can meet aeronautical specifications 50, 52, 53 and 54 for silicones, and 61 and 63 for fluorinated silicones.


Approved mixtures

As a creator of rubber solutions, the BORFLEX® Group places innovation at the heart of its strategy. A permanent regulatory watch enables us to develop our elastomer compounds to for use in components that comply with current requirements:

  • - Food & pharmacopoeia: Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 of 27 October 2004 as amended and various European positive lists, Order of 9 November 1994 on materials

and objects made of rubber in contact with foodstuffs, products and beverages, decree of August 9, 2005, relating to plastic materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs, products and beverages, EU Directive 1935/2004, NF EN 1186 part 1,2,3, Pharmacopoeia XIth edition (residual peroxide content), FDA 21CFR177.2600, USP Class VI, etc.

  • - Drinking water: ACS, KTW W270, WRAS, etc.
  • - Rail: EN 45545, NF F16-101, DIN 5510, ASTM, SMP 800 C, BS 6853, IEC 60695-11-10 UL94,
  • - Aeronautics: NF L17-106, NF L17-107,
  • - Automotive & Land Transport: IMDS, UL, REACH,
  • - Other industrial sectors: REACH, ATEX directive n° 94/9/CE, EDF DPIH

On request, we can offer you specific studies to meet your specifications and associated standards.

fda / acs / en 45545 nf l17-106 / nf l17-107



LSR silicone mixtures


  • - Food 1935/2004
  • - Class VI USP European Pharmacopoeia
  • - FDA
  • - REACH 1907.2006 / Absence of BPA / Absence of Phthalates and Heavy Metals (Cadmium / Tin)
  • - Absence of nitrosamines and nitrosable products according to regulation 93/11/EEC
  • - In full compliance with the Silicon Decree of 25/11/92


  • - Resistance to successive sterilisations
  • - Continuously withstands 200 to 240°C
  • - Brilliance and transparency
  • - Hardness range from 20Sh to 80Sh
  • - Possibility of adding a coloured additive to Silicone LSR while maintaining the chemical inertness of the material.
  • - Very good UV stability
  • - Very Good Dielectric Insulator
  • - Non-fuel


  • - Reduced cycle time
  • - Elasticity and shape memory ( Compression set )
  • - Post-cooking for 4 hours at 200°C to eliminate volatile organic compounds
  • - Fully automated process with no rework
  • - Available in two components A and B of 20 kgs or 200 kgs


Home / Home Automation : 

  • - Cook's brushes
  • - Flat Rake
  • - Conservation boxes 
  • - Cake moulds / Pie dish
  • - Flat portions are a compartmentalized room for freezing.
  • - Preservation lid (opened can)
  • - Switch seal (Sound insulation)....


  • - O-Ring / Flat Seal
  • - Sealing elements
  • - Connectors...


In our BORFLEX® laboratory, we are able to carry out value analyses and resistance calculations. Our laboratory performs all the necessary tests for the studies of our customers' projects.

The BORFLEX® Group relies on highly qualified engineers and a state-of-the-art laboratory for the development of high value-added products.

We use state-of-the-art processes and simulation tools to test our solutions. We offer our customers the opportunity to analyze their own materials.

We pay close attention to all stages of product manufacturing, from design to completion. We put our experience and the expertise of our technicians to work for elastomers.

Standards and certifications

ISO 9001:2015

DEKRA Certification SAS hereby certifies that the company

Certifiedcertified activity(ies) :

Design, formulation, production, marketing of mixtures, semi-finished products and products, particularly in elastomer, composite and metal. Trade in elastomer, composite, metal and related products.

Our DEKRA certified sites are : Cherbourg, Composites, Corvol, Hermes, Lille, Rubber, Services.


IRIS certification - ISO/TS 22163 - Railway industry

The International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS), introduced in 2006, was developed by UNIFE (the Union of European Railway Industries) with the help of major players in the railway industry (the railway equipment manufacturers Alstom Transport, Bombardier Transportation, Siemens Transportation Systems and AnsaldoBreda).

Our REX site is IRIS certified.

Processes and monitoring

Processes and monitoring


  • - Rubber and silicone mixtures 
  • - Moulding (compression, injection, transfer)          
  • - Packing of rollers and rollers
  • - Complete solution
  • - Water jet cutting
  • - Coating of parts and rubberizing
  • - Profile extrusion (autoclave, UHF, salt bath)
  • - PU processing (casting, ribbon flow, rotomoulding)
  • - Pultrusion
  • - SMC/BMC/RTM/LSR (liquid silicone rubber) moulding
  • - Machining and finishing

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