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Manufacturer of elastomer and composite parts for the rail industry

Rubber molding for rolling stock

Today, BORFLEX® is therail industry's expert in elastomer and composite parts, for both rolling stock andinfrastructure.

In a country with an excellent railway industry, the BORFLEX® Group knows how to develop multiple solutions to ensure safety, mechanical quality and high precision for virtually all your needs.

The group works on your constructions, but also on your maintenance, repairs and upgrades.


BORFLEX® offers a wide range of elastomer solutions for rolling stock, to enhance safety and mechanical performance.

Our sites supply elastomer solutions, such as soundproofing profiles, connecting shoes, door seals, glazing beads, protective bellows, rubber metal parts, SWISSCROSS®level crossing parts...

The group also produces composite solutions, such as mass wipers, body panels and 3rd rail protectors. The group's expertise covers virtually all elastomer and composite components for trains and infrastructure.

Established in a market of excellence, BORFLEX® has developed a competent design office, internal physical and mechanical tests, as well as modeling tools.

All BORFLEX® rubber profiles and mouldings are fire-resistant in accordance with current standards:

EN 45545 / NF F 16-101 / DIN 5510 / BS 6853 / ASTM C 1166 / ASTM E 662 / SMP 800-C


Sealing, safety, cushioning and fixing
Design, prototype testing and production of sealing systems
Complete belts with joints


  • Front, rear and perimeter seals
  • Optical and electrical safety edges, pressure wave with or without control unit
  • Anti-drag systems


  • Sliding systems
  • Leakage and defenestration test
  • Emergency handle

Renovation service

  • Re-engineering, reverse engineering, upgrading
  • Cost optimisation by reducing assembly time
  • Specific packaging

Fire resistant


Profiles and molded rubber parts

Fire-resistant in accordance with : EN 45545 / NFPA130 / NF F 16-101 / DIN 5510 / BS 6853

Rubber shock absorber

Rubber shock absorbers for train components

Bellows for rolling stock

Bellows for rolling stock

Molded part for connectors

BORFLEX® manufactures a wide range of rubber protective covers for rails.

Rubber protection pad for wheelset

At Innotrans 2018, BORFLEX REX® presented an alternative solution for the storage and transport of axles and bogies.So far, we have been able to convince a number of railway companies and OEMs of the economic aspects, handling and versatility of our wheel support pads.

We are very pleased to inform you that the UIC has approved the product as an officially authorized transportation safety tool for the transportation of axles.As of April 1, 2019, our wheel support bearings have been included in the UIC loading guidelines.At this stage, we are working on the registration for the transport of bogies.This registration will take place in 2020.

In fact, several thousand wheel support pads are used for the transport and storage of railway wheel and bogie sets.They can be loaded onto trucks or trains via platform for transport.We would like to offer our special thanks to the Swiss Federal Railways for their cooperation during the product development phase.In addition, we would like to thank the Swiss BLS railway network for giving us the opportunity to create a video of the application of the wheel support pads on their floor. The video is available on our YouTube channel.


  • - Long life (up to 2000 cycles)
  • - Magnetic fastening helps rubber bearings adhere to axles
  • - Time and cost saving
  • - Individual adaptation with your logo possible
  • - Strap attachment available as an option

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the BORFLEX REX® sales team.

Elastomer and composite parts for railway infrastructure

Resin level crossing (GFK)

Resin level crossing for service and pedestrian crossings

- Span for 38mm thick grid = 400 kg / m2
- Load capacity for 50 mm grid thickness = 800 kg / m2
- Good slip resistance due to rough surface
- UV resistance, flame retardant and excellent fire resistance
- Excellent weathering and corrosion resistance
- Suitable for all sleeper and rail types
- Approved in Switzerlan

Rubber level crossing (HD)

HD Swisscross: the rubber crossing for heavy vehicles

Excellent vibration and noise absorption
- Greater load-bearing capacity and reduced deformation during
heavy vehicles
- Fast and rational assembly and disassembly (tamping)
- Good behaviour in case of frost and rain
- Guaranteed electrical insulation between the two terminals
- For distances of 1000 and 1435 mm
- Elements for short radius curves available
- Approved in Switzerlan

Rubber-concrete level crossing (RUBE)

The new Swisscross RUBE® model combines the advantages of a concrete crossing with those of a rubber one.

  • - Better vibration and noise absorption
  • - Greater range and reduced deformation during heavy vehicle traffic
  • - Total weight spread over 3 crosspieces
  • - Quick and efficient assembly and disassembly (tamping)
  • - Longer life span
  • - Better behaviour in frost and rain
  • - Better stability
  • - Electrical isolation between the two binaries guaranteed
  • - Approved in Switzerland and France


The BORFLEX® group also offers you its expertise in the production of 3rd rail covers to protect railway power supplies.

Our protective covers for railways are made entirely from composite materials, ensuring optimum safety, especially in the event of fire, since the material's properties prevent the spread of flames and toxic fumes that might otherwise escape.

Rubber boots and pads for underground railways and tramways

BORFLEX® produces rubber boots and microcellular bushes with static and dynamic rigidity that are remarkably interesting for our customers in various possible applications in the railroad field for underground tracks and tramways.

Our special rubber pads, applied to the tracks with special profiles, enable us to achieve maximum vibration damping.

Our specialised laboratories allow us to conduct extensive simulations and research to optimise vibration and noise generation, adding our part to the success of your tram and metro project.

Biblock crossbars without connecting bars

Biblock sleepers without LVT connecting bars were used in the projects for the new transalpine line (Zimmerberg, Lötschberg and Gotthard).

This system is widely used abroad (the Channel Tunnel, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil and the USA).

Rubber boots and pads for bibloc crossbars with connection bar

The rubber boots and pads were originally developed for bi-block railroad ties with connecting bars and have been used in the construction of several Swiss tunnels, such as Bötzberg, Grauholz, Mattestetten-Rothrist and in various railway stations, including Zürich, Kloten and Lausanne.

BORFLEX® elements have been used in the design of various metro lines abroad: Brazil, Egypt, Greece, France and Italy.

Acoustic protection of rails

A special acoustic protection applied to the rails can result in a reduction of 4 to 5 decibels.

Rubber pad for acoustic protection of rails

Special rubber agglomerate cushions can be very useful for acoustic rail protection. A special version is also available to prevent the propagation of parasitic currents.

rail pad and base plate for acoustic rail protection

BORFLEX® rail pads and base plates aremade from high-quality rubber and plastic, reducing the vibration shocks of a passing train.

In addition to superior mechanical characteristics and durability, our dampers are also optimised for your application and structural requirements.

Our extensive simulation capabilities in our laboratory offer you the perfect product for the operating environment requirements of your railway project. REX inserts and plates can be produced with compact or expanded materials.


BORFLEX® offers a wide range of ergonomic composite handrails.

Our composite handrails can be adapted to meet all your needs, and guarantee real quality performance : corrosion resistance, fire resistance, non-conductivity.

Already present in several railway installations, the group's handrails are appearing more and more in this sector.



For even greater safety, the BORFLEX® Group has developed VELOSECUR®.

This system fills in the rails of railways, allowing bicycles to travel safely across the tracks.

The installation of VELOSECUR® is very simple, fast and guarantees a very good life span despite the numerous train passages.

Examples of elastomer and composite products for the rail industry

- Opening joints (connections between doors, frame connections, etc.)

- Anti-vibration and shock-absorbing parts

- Insulation between rail and structure without ballast

- Cellular rubber parts

- Composite building components

- SWISSCROSS® railway crossing/service parts

- Protective profiles for cyclists at level crossings

- Protection of moving parts

- Magnetic axle supports

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