Manufacturer of marine seals, marine elastomer wear protection solutions

manufacturer of elastomer and composite parts for the shipbuilding industry

BORFLEX® has been developing elastomer and composite solutions for the French Navy and shipyards for many years.

Every day, BORFLEX® develops specific elastomer and composite products to meet the needs of its customers.

Thanks to its expertise in various manufacturing technologies and the modulation of physical characteristics, the BORFLEX® group supplies the French Navy with elastomer and composite parts that meet all specifications:

  • - Compliance with standards
  • - Performance
  • - Chemical and physical resistance (pressure, temperature...)
  • - Durability
  • - Tightness (to liquids, gases, noise, contamination, ballistic protection, radiation protection, etc.)

BORFLEX® offers sealing solutions for boat building and a range of elastomer products for boat transport.

The BORFLEX® group designs and manufactures all types of rubber and polyurethane parts to guarantee the integrity of your boat during the moving phases. Thanks to the group's many years of experience, BORFLEX® is now able to offer you seals, slides and rails of low and high hardness, all guaranteeing long-lasting use.

In addition to sealing, elastomers must fulfil several essential functions:

  • . abrasion resistance,
  • . resistance to tearing,
  • . the resistance to deformation,
  • . resistance to heat and cold,
  • . resistance to hydrocarbons,
  • . the compression set,
  • . ageing,
  • . etc.

Our standard elastomer and composite products for shipbuilding


Solid rods, hollow rods


Solid section, hollow section manufacturer

Elastomer parts for the defense & armaments sector

The BORFLEX® group is able to design and mold seals to meet the most demanding requirements of the naval construction industry.

The BORFLEX® Group has been active in the defense and armaments sectors for many years, offering reliable and durable solutions:

  • . elastomeric compounds with outstanding performance even under extreme conditions (temperature, pressure, etc.),
  • . compliance with standards,
  • . guaranteeing watertightness (liquids, gases, noise, external contamination, etc.),
  • . ballistic protection,
  • . radiation protection.

The BORFLEX® group equips a wide range of equipment, providing performance and efficiency. Innovation is at the heart of the BORFLEX® Group's approach to the challenges of defense and armament.

Development of marinas, docks and unloading quays

Elastomer dock fenders for ship protection

The BORFLEX Group has been equipping wharves, docks and ports with fenders for several years.

These elastomer dock fenders absorb the impact of the ship as it comes alongside, or even as it passes at slow speed. This protects both the boat and the dock.

The elastomers chosen for these fenders have very good resistance to weathering, impact, tearing, abrasion and sea water.




Examples of elastomer and composite products for shipbuilding

- Terminal blocks
- Rotating shaft parts
- Door sealing parts
- Hatch sealing parts

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