Roller, cylinder and pebble filling for printing and graphic arts
The printing works

BORFLEX® has developed elastomer grades for use in various printing applications to provide excellent printing quality, long machine life, and the long-term stability of cylinder dimensions.

BORFLEX® is active in conventional offset, UV, flexographic and gravure printing, as well as in lacquering, laminating, gumming, varnishing, etc.

BORFLEX® offers a range of elastomers adapted to each application, and to each function of the cylinder in the machine kinematics, complemented by its Borclean cleaning product, specially developed for printing cylinders.


All grades of elastomers: 

  • - Natural
  • - SBR
  • - Silicone
  • - Neoprene
  • - Nitrile
  • - Butyl
  • - EPDM
  • - Hypalon

All hardnesses
from 25 shores to ebonite

All diameters up to 1000 mm
Including lengths up to 3 m

Tool machining and grinding

All types of products resistant from -80°C to +250°C
solvents, greases, acids, etc...

The cardboard and packaging industry

Cylinder relining for the cardboard packaging industry
BORFLEX® has extensive experience in the relining of rubber and polyurethane cylinders, and excels in the production of technical cylinders and liners tailored to the specific requirements of the converting and printing industries.

Our cylinders are present at all stages of the production of cardboard packaging.

Compatible with all major machine brands (BOBST MARTIN*, DENDAZOLLI*, EMBA*, CARTEC*, DCM*, TEXO*, JURINE*, CUIR*, WARD*, ASITRADE*, FOSBER*, ALLIMAND*, ...)

  • - Feeder cylinder, glueing cylinder
  • - Drive roller, guide roller
  • - Half party: easy disassembly
  • - Folder roller

Compatible with all major machine brands (HEIDELBERG*, KBA*, PLANETA*, KOMORI*, ROLAND*, ...)

  • - Inking cylinder (ink fountain, ink distributor, ink catcher)
  • - Dampening cylinder (dosing, bubbling, touching and dampening)
*Brand owned by a third party with no connection to the BORFLEX® Group.
The wood industry

Elastomer lining for cylinders and rollers in the wood industry

The BORFLEX® group specializes in cylinder and roller lining for the woodworking industry, and offers the following services:

  • - relining and trimming of cylinders for: wide belt machines, gluing cylinders,
  • - relining and grinding of lacquering cylinders, varnishers, etc,
  • - relining of: saw wheels, 4-sided drive rollers, rollers for hot gilding of mouldings,
  • - manufacture of rollers for draughty field plate machines,
  • - etc.

Elastomers used in the wood industry:

  • - natural rubber,
  • - polychloroprene,
  • - nitrile,
  • - silicone,
  • - EPDM,
  • - hypalon,
  • - polyurethane,
  • - etc.

Shore hardness: from 20 to 95 ShA. Our capabilities :

  • - Turning: Ø 560 x 4100 to Ø 1000 x 1000
  • - Cutting: Ø 400 x 2000
  • - Autoclave : Ø 1200 x 2800 to Ø 1000 x 6000
  • - Grinding: Ø 590 x 3000 to Ø 560 x 4100


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