Manufacturer of rubber elastomer and composite parts for ski lifts

Manufacturer of elastomer and composite parts for mountain equipment

For over 60 years, BORFLEX® has been designing and manufacturing precise, high-performance elastomer and composite parts for mountain equipment, especially ski lifts.

The products supplied by BORFLEX® are numerous.

The BORFLEX® group is capable of producing door and window seals for ski lifts, pylon rollers, and all other elastomeric cabin parts.

Cabin products range from anti-oscillation system parts to door and window seals, as well as accessories such as ski and bike racks.

The group also produces a wide range of runway protection and lighting components .


We offer a wide range of seals for the mountain industry.

BORFLEX® Group seals ensure a perfect seal in your equipment while meeting the strictest requirements of the mountain sports industry.

Door seals, window seals, threshold seals, bulb seals or protective seals, BORFLEX® will meet all your needs.

BORFLEX® laboratories also develop elastomer parts for runway maintenance equipment, as well as composite solutions for runway posts.

The BORFLEX® sites produce gratings and handrails for overhead structures and perform the machining and finishing for you.

BORFLEX® supplies PU (polyurethane) and rubber rollers in all shapes and sizes as well as open and closed ring tires with integrated wear indicators for cable traction and guidance systems.

For slope maintenance equipment, the BORFLEX® product range also includes blades, sprockets, deflectors, bellows, cabin seals, etc.

The group's sites also produce equipment for recreational sports, such as synthetic sealskins and ice stocks.

Anti-oscillatory system

The BORFLEX® Group offers a wide range of equipment and systems for the mountain sector. Our rollers, rollers and cylinders are perfectly adapted to the needs of ski resorts.

In particular, our extensive range includes an anti-oscillation system for straightening and holding equipment in place during natural events. This system guarantees optimum safety for users.

BORFLEX® rubber is highly resistant to cold (-40°C) and has a fire-smoke rating (flame retardant). It is resistant to aging, heat, abrasion, breaking and tearing. It can be either insulating or conductive.


Elastomeric compounds guarantee sound and vibration absorption, as well as impact protection.
BORFLEX® pays particular attention to the packaging of its compounds, so as to preserve their conformity.

Rubber is a highly flexible material in its applications, and as a recognized custom mixer, BORFLEX® has the ability to create tailor-made compounds with precise physical properties.

The high performance of BORFLEX® linings for pulleys, bindings, gondolas and gears has contributed to the company's recognition by the world's leading ropeway manufacturers, engineering companies and ski area operators.

BORFLEX®'s expertise enables it to meet the most demanding needs of manufacturers of cable transport systems for loads and people, as well as the most demanding needs of maintenance and repair companies for existing installations.

The BORFLEX® Group guarantees the quality and durability of the parts it manufactures and this is what makes it stand out.


Composite stakes

BORFLEX® offers a range of composite stakes for safe marking of trails and danger zones.

The group, which has been an expert in the supply of composite posts for many years, enables you to properly mark out dangerous mountain areas with these lightweight, ultra-strong composite posts.

This range is complemented by a whole range of accessories, especially for leisure.

Examples of elastomer and composite products for ski lifts

  • - Rollers (PU or CC coating)
  • - Form-fitting profiles
  • - Profiles for drive pulleys
  • - Open and closed ring bandages
  • - Anti-defenestration system
  • - Anti-oscillatory system
  • - Window seal
  • - Door seal (sensitive edges)
  • - Sill seal
  • - Bulb seal
  • - Platform shock absorbers
  • - Anti-slip ski support
  • - Bike rack
  • - Handrail
  • - Standard profile (composite)
  • - Gratings (machining and composite finishing)
  • - Sight glass cover
  • - Bolt guard
  • - Corner protection joint
  • - Ladder sleeve
  • - Stakes (composite)
  • - Blades
  • - Grooming boots
  • - Cabin seals
  • - Deflectors
  • - Bellows
  • - Synthetic sealskin for ski
  • - Esstock sport

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