Manufacturer of seals for the nuclear industry, elastomer parts for nuclear thermal insulation

Manufacturer of elastomer and composite parts for the nuclear industry

BORFLEX®, French and European leader in technical rubber parts, creates and produces elastomer solutions for the main players in the nuclear industry.

BORFLEX® is the supplier of choice for major contractors and all those involved in new construction and maintenance.

BORFLEX® produces mechanical parts and precision assemblies for thenuclear industry in all metals and alloys, as well as in a wide range of plastics (PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide, etc.).

The BORFLEX® group designs and manufactures all types of rubber and PU molds, as well as rolled threads, and can supply customized seals and elastomer parts for the nuclear industry.

BORFLEX® is capable of working in radiation zones 1 to 4. (4 being the most exposed to radiation)

BORFLEX® expertise

BORFLEX® stands out thanks to its expertise, mainly in the following areas

- Radiation resistant elastomers

Which guarantee the watertightness of the working chamber

· Seals for swimming pools (cofferdam seals)
· Radiation protection (Flexibore)
· Sensitive sealing applications
· Protective bellows


The FLEXIBORE® trademark, registered by BORFLEX® and specially developed for the nuclear industry, guarantees that the final part will absorb thermal neutrons.

Its 50% B4C composition makes scattering negligible compared to neutron absorption. FLEXIBORE® is also used in neutron spectrometry to reduce background noise.

FLEXIBORE® is very flexible and can be adapted to complex shapes. It can be folded on a small radius without breaking. It is easy to cut and the B4C powder is evenly distributed.

Flexibore is a material composed of natural rubber and B4C powder. The Flexibore sheet contains 50% of its weight in B4C. The B10 contained in the material absorbs neutrons. Scattering is negligible compared with neutron absorption. Flexibore is also used in neutron spectrometry to reduce background.


  • - High flexibility: adapts to complex shapes
  • - Folds to a small radius without breaking
  • - Uniform distribution of B4C powder
  • - Easy to cut
  • - Black colour

Examples of watertight elastomer products for the nuclear industry

  • - Precision assemblies (for metals, alloys, plastics)
  • - Rolled fillets
  • - Custom joints
  • - Door seals (between reactor and living areas)
  • - Cofferdam seals
  • - Sleeves
  • - Mussels cc or pu
  • - Wear parts for valves
  • - Mechanical parts (for metals, alloys, plastics)
  • - Protective bellows

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