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Manufacturer of elastomer parts for the petrochemical industry

BORFLEX® specializes in elastomer parts for the petrochemical industry.

The group is able to produce elastomer parts for oil refiners, para-petroleum companies, petrochemists, machine builders and maintenance, pipeline operators, oil logistics and transport, as well as packaging and gas companies.

BORFLEX® manufactures elastomer pipeline scrapers for cleaning pipelines, circulating several petroleum products in the same pipeline, and blocking pipelines.

BORFLEX® 's main product in the petrochemical industry is the cellular rubber scraper. This highly technical product was developed to ensure maximum safety for the oil industry workforce.

· It is a very versatile and durable multi-product scraper. It is compatible with all petroleum industry products (oils and their additives, fuels, solvent products, etc.)

- Rubber wipers for the petrochemical industry do not break down on contact with products, so they remain impermeable, eliminating the risk of leakage through the wiper.

- The rubber scraper operates in 2 directions (forwards and backwards): no handling is required, ensuring optimum safety for the workforce and improved workplace cleanliness.

- The materials selected are of the highest possible quality to ensure the reliability of the product.

The elastomer foam scraper in the petrochemical industry

. Effective cleaning and removal of hard mineral and organic deposits
. Specially designed for line filling
. Water evacuation
. Air evacuation
. Hydrostatic testing

Our foam wipers are manufactured from closed-cell elastomeric foam or EPDM. Both materials meet the specific requirements of the chemical industry in terms of resistance to abrasion, aggressive fuels and chemicals.

Elastomer foam wipers are specially designed to negotiate short-radius curves and large diameter variations. Special surface coatings can be supplied where polyurethane or EPDM are not acceptable.

Examples of elastomer products for the petrochemical industry

  • - Bloated
  • - Disc
  • - Watertight seal for floating roofs
  • - Various seals
  • - Cuff
  • - Cellular rubber scraper
  • - Pipeline sphere

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