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The BORFLEX® Group has been active in the steel industry for many years.

We have different qualities of elastomers that preserve industrial tools and protect the materials being handled. BORFLEX® offers its expertise in the lining of rolls for the steel industry.

With its research and development laboratories and integrated mixing workshops, the BORFLEX® Group offers complete solutions for:

- repair damaged rollers,

- improve the performance of the roller and the coating,

- fight against chemical aggression and corrosion (acid baths),

- to ensure temperature resistance,

- reduce abrasion phenomena,

- reduce problems of cutting or degradation.

Rolls and cylinders used on production lines are covered with a soft rubber which, through contact with the sharp edges of the plates, deteriorates and eventually lets the chemicals from the various baths seep through.

These corrosive products slip under the rubber and damage the metal structure of the rollers.

BORFLEX® innovates to offer you more solutions to improve your working tools and provides solutions for rollers used for transporting long and flat products (coils, metal strips, plates, etc.) for the following production stages:

· pickling,
· pre-treatment of plates,
· degreasing and pickling operations,
· various types of finishing (coating, painting and surface protection),
· shaping and stamping.

Noise reduction and protection on metal product conveyor lines.

We can coat your cylinders with an ebonite or composite solution that will satisfy your expectations.

Composite technology has many advantages:

- possibility of restoring cylinders damaged by chemical attacks,
- high impact resistance,
- superior adhesion to ebonite which improves the durability of the roll,
- significant cost savings in roll relining operations,
- shortened time for future repairs (elastomer only).

We develop solutions to best meet your requirements, we offer you:

- rollers for pickling,
- drive and pickling rollers for copper foil,
- bottom rollers,
- slitting rings,
- floor protection,
- wire drawing transfer rollers,
- scrapers,
- dewatering rollers,
- sleeves,
- rollers

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