Other vehicles

Rubber seals for all vehiclesWe design and produce rubber seals for all vehicles that are manufactured or refurbished in small or medium runs for:

  • buses & coaches,
  • trucks & trailers,
  • automotive,
  • agriculture, defense, construction vehicles.

Sealing profiles are designed for openings such as doors or windows as well as more static systems such as luggage or motor compartments. They must be all season and climates resistant.

We design the sealing systems regarding the range of functions that they must fulfill:

  • safety, anti-vandalism (access doors),
  • off-road or all weather,
  • NBC hazards or fields treatment protection (defense and farming vehicles),
  • cleaning and decontamination agents resistance,
  • easy defenestration with emergency handle,
  • individual polyurethane damper (seeding and stubble ploughing machines),