As a rubber solutions provider, BORFLEX places innovation at the heart of its strategy.

The FLAMESTOP® elastomers range already meets the most stringent requirements of:

  • ASTM C 1166,
  • ASTM E 662,
  • SMP 800-C,
  • EN 45545 for Europe,
  • NF F 16-101 for France,
  • DIN 5510 for Germany,
  • BS 6853 for United Kingdom.

These innovative compounds are:

  • halogen-free (for global environmental compliance),
  • appropriate for extrusion process,
  • appropriate for molding process,
  • cost-efficient.

It represents a giant step forward to make travel safer.

In order to ensure a product standardization and a rolling stock interoperability approach, components design should be validated by using systematically the highest level of safety.