Markets we serve

Other markets

  • River and harbor sealing:
    BORFLEX as developed RUBBERFLOW® for flood gates seals, fenders
  • Ski lift, ropeway:
    Liners for sheaves and bullwheels
  • Pipes safety foam pigs:
    Efficient cleaning and removal system for hard mineral & organic deposits
  • Polyurethane parts
  • Washers
  • TPE parts
  • Compounds:
    All grades of rubber and silicone, NR, SBR,NBR, CR, EPDM, CSM, FKM, ACM, …

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Other vehicles

Rubber seals for all vehiclesWe design and produce rubber seals for all vehicles that are manufactured or refurbished in small or medium runs for:

  • buses & coaches,
  • trucks & trailers,
  • automotive,
  • agriculture, defense, construction vehicles.

Sealing profiles are designed for openings such as doors or windows as well as more static systems such as luggage or motor compartments. They must be all season and climates resistant.

We design the sealing systems regarding the range of functions that they must fulfill:

  • safety, anti-vandalism (access doors),
  • off-road or all weather,
  • NBC hazards or fields treatment protection (defense and farming vehicles),
  • cleaning and decontamination agents resistance,
  • easy defenestration with emergency handle,
  • individual polyurethane damper (seeding and stubble ploughing machines),

Railway industry

Train, Metro, Tram

As a rubber solutions provider, BORFLEX remains committed to innovation in its products and technology.

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BORFLEX is the specialist in sealing technology for developing, improving and producing rubber compounds to meet the expectations of our customers.

BORFLEX is considered as a leader in:

  • Door seals
  • front, rear, peripheral seals,
  • Sensitive edges.
  • Window seals
  • complete window seal,
  • glazing bead gasket,
  • impost and sliding system (glass run channel).

Safety: BORFLEX has developed its Flamestop® range that runs into North American standards according to NFPA 130. This innovative material is halogen free and is able to endure all weather conditions that vary from tropical to polar. It can also fulfill other local standards on the five continents.

Reliability: Our products are fitted on rolling stocks to have a constant reliability and the long lifetime. They must resist to the daily contact of users, to weather, to vandalism, …

Easy assembly or replacement: Our solutions are designed to allow fitters to mount or to replace easily and quickly. We also cost efficient retrofit solutions with minimal downtime by reengineering, reverse engineering or updating.