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gabarit-selection-matieres-premieres-01What is rubber?

The word “rubber” comes from the Incan expression “Cao Tchu” which means “weeping wood” in English.
It refers to both natural rubber (produced by rubber cultivation) and synthetic rubber (produced by the petrochemical industry).

Therefore, rubber is a material that can either be obtain through the latex’s transformation produced by certain plants (such as the Para rubber tree), or synthetically, using monomers produced by fossil fuels. Rubber belongs to the elastomer family.

The real story of this material begins long before the end of the 15th century. After the great discoveries, Europeans started to focus their attention on natural rubber but Native Americans were the ones who first started making common objects using clay molding: balls, coated canvas, torches.

The history of rubber

In 1839, Charles GOODYEAR discovered vulcanization, an ingenious method that permits rubber to be elastic. Only natural rubber existed until World War II. The rallying of Asia in the Third Reich forced the Allies to produce synthetic elastomers, petroleum based.

Natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubbergabarit-production-caoutchouc-01gabarit-laboratoire-06

  • Use: 40% of natural rubber, 60% of synthetic rubber.
  • 94% of natural rubber is produced in South-East Asia.

The industrial rubber market in France

About 200 companies:

  • 50% specialized in large series,
  • 50% specialized in small and medium series.

BORFLEX is a leader in this last category.

BORFLEX, rubber solution provider

BORFLEX is a rubber solution provider specialized in small and medium series. It has the special feature to be a blending manufacturer, processor and reseller in the same time which allows it to create the most efficient blends meeting the customer requirements.
Since 1987, BORFLEX has grown thanks to the acquisition of 8 new sites. These acquisitions has permitted it to extend its know-how as well as its expertise in the rubber transformation field.
gabarit-melangeur-silicone-01Of all the existing transformation types, BORFLEX owns an expert knowledge of almost all of them, such as molding (by compression, injection, or transfer), extrusion (classic autoclave or irregular, UHF, salt bath), making, roller covering, cutting (classic, by hand and with a punch, water-jet), casting and calendering.
Thanks to its great mastery of these techniques BORFLEX has the ability to be present over numerous markets (agriculture and agri-food, energy and raw materials, packaging, defense and weapons, etc.) but also to develop its own trademarks such as FLAMESTOP®, FLEXAERO®, FLEXCOAT®, FLEXIBORE®, RUBBERLIFE®,RUBBERFLOW® or VULFAC®.
BORFLEX has the particularity of being able to manufacture products fitted to each markets (ex: sleeves for the plastic film industry, rollers for the wood industry, rollers for the siderurgy, etc.) using adapted methods.
BORFLEX is nationally active but also internationally active. Indeed, it exports to over 30 countries (USA, Canada, Czech Republic etc.). Its know-how and expertise has permitted it to develop effective partnerships with the most important national and international prime contractors.



BORFLEX, Rubber solution provider

BORFLEX is a rubber, polyurethane and TPE manufacturer specialized in small and medium production runs.

Our customers trust in our know-how and in our cost efficiency in more than 30 countries all over the world. Since 1958, Borflex is a leader in railway sealing technology and has built its knowledge by designing innovative compounds as well as sealing systems.

BORFLEX is the specialist :

  • of the development, the improvement and the production of compounds to meet the expectations of its manufacturing customers,
  • for designing, prototyping and manufacturing rubber parts (TPE and polyurethane as well) dedicated to the industry.

BORFLEX has developed effective partnerships with the most important international prime contractors.

BORFLEX products operates on many markets : defense, railway, automotive, energy, food-processing industry, industrial maintenance, …Carte-monde-Borflex---pays-gris


BORFLEX history dates back to 1987, with the takeover of the BORFLEX Rouen (Upper Normandy), which originally produced rubber conveyor belts. In 1996, the acquisition of an industrial production site in Cherbourg (France) was the first milestone of BORFLEX expansion. BORFLEX Cherbourg develops and produces rubber solutions for the nuclear sector, for the OEMs, operators and contractors. In 1999, BORFLEX acquired BORFLEX Rhône-Alpes in the Lyon area. The site develops and produces roll rubber covering solutions for the printing sector (rotogravure, flexography, label printing, offset, paperboard and paper-based packaging, etc.), the food industry and other sectors. In 2003, BORFLEX Group created BORFLEX Rubber, a production facility dedicated to the production of rubber compounds for the rubber industry. In 2007, BORFLEX acquired BORFLEX Corvol, specialized in: sealing systems for comfort & safety (window seals, door seals, mainly for buses and trucks), extruded sealing profiles for the construction market and specific solutions for the industry. In 2010, BORFLEX Group continued to grow through the acquisition of Cafac-Bajolet, a industrial group of 3 factories in France: Hermes (Picardy), Verdun (Lorraine) and Lille (Nort-Pas-de-Calais). These 3 production sites are considered as major players in several business areas: railway, water and waste industry, metal industry, power, marine, chemical and petrochemicals, construction, agriculture, etc. With this acquisition, BORFLEX accelerated its expansion, offering a wide range of expertise and know-how in the rubber industry. Today, BORFLEX Group has 200 skilled employees, 8 production sites in France, and supplies rubber solutions to more than 3000 customers in over 30 countries across the world. Thanks to a diversification strategy based on R&D, innovation and on international development, BORFLEX proclaims its goal of becoming the reference for the production of value added rubber components over the years thanks to its ability to respond to the market for rubber and polyurethane technical components. notre-histoire photo-gros-melangeurgabarit-pieces-caoutchouc-mesure-01produit-garnissage-cylindres-01


BORFLEX Cherbourg photo-cherbourg-veritas
picto-adresse Z.A.C. de Bénécère
picto-vide 10 rue des Églantiers
picto-vide 50120 ÉQUEURDREVILLE
picto-vide FRANCE
picto-telephone +33 (0)2 33 03 54 43
picto-fax +33 (0)2 33 03 40 66
picto-mail borflex-cherbourg@borflex.fr
BORFLEX Composites
CS 80 006
picto-vide 60114 CREIL CEDEX 1
picto-vide FRANCE
picto-telephone +33 (0)3 44 65 62 62
picto-fax +33 (0)3 44 65 62 50
picto-mail borflex-composites@borflex.fr
picto-adresse 57 Grande Rue
picto-vide 58460 CORVOL-L’ORGUEILLEUX
picto-vide FRANCE
picto-telephone +33 (0)3 86 27 51 00
picto-fax +33 (0)3 86 27 51 19
picto-mail borflex-corvol@borflex.fr
BORFLEX Hermes photo-hermes-tuv
picto-adresse Z.I. de l’Isle
picto-vide 1 rue du Moulin de l’Isle
picto-vide 60370 HERMES
picto-vide FRANCE
picto-telephone +33 (0)3 44 07 64 44
picto-fax +33 (0)3 44 03 28 15
BORFLEX Lille photo-lille-tuv
picto-adresse 111 rue Saint Luc
picto-vide B.P. 302
picto-vide 59020 LILLE CEDEX
picto-vide FRANCE
picto-telephone +33 (0)3 20 21 99 50
picto-fax +33 (0)3 20 55 37 23
picto-mail borflex-lille@borflex.fr
picto-adresse 27 rue Jules Ferry
picto-vide 69520 GRIGNY
picto-vide FRANCE
picto-telephone +33 (0)4 78 73 05 95
picto-fax +33 (0)4 78 73 95 69
picto-mail borflex-rhone-alpes@borflex.fr
picto-adresse Z.I. du Madrillet
picto-vide Rue de la Boulaie – B.P. 90032
picto-vide FRANCE
picto-telephone +33 (0)2 35 66 55 70
picto-fax +33 (0)2 35 64 02 12
picto-mail borflex-rouen@borflex.fr
picto-adresse 3 route d’Angoulême
picto-vide La Chabanne
picto-vide16110 ST-PROJET-ST-CONSTANT
picto-vide FRANCE
picto-telephone+33 (0)5 45 24 20 40
picto-fax+33 (0)5 45 24 20 83
picto-adresse Z.I. de Chicago
picto-vide 2 avenue des Poilus
picto-vide 55100 VERDUN
picto-vide FRANCE
picto-telephone +33 (0)3 29 86 16 22
picto-fax +33 (0)3 29 86 19 41
picto-mail borflex-verdun@borflex.fr


Key figures

Key figuresAn independent, industrial and human scale group,  leader in France in small and medium series of rubber, polyurethane or TPE parts:

  • 40 years experience
  • €20 million turnover
  • 15% of turnover on exportation
  • 8 manufacturing sites
  • 2 R&D laboratories
  • 4 development centers
  • 200 employees